Investment Policy, Guidelines and Procedures Manual – May 2022
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The Investment Office of the Employees’ Retirement System of the State of Hawaii supports the overall goals and objectives of the ERS, particularly through investment portfolio design and management and by gathering investment intelligence on behalf of the ERS Board of Trustees.  The Investment Office analyzes and recommends financial investment opportunities for the sole benefit of the ERS members and beneficiaries.


To be the premiere multi-asset investment management group as measured against best in-class peers, such as other defined benefit state public pension plans and Hawaii institutional investors.


Communicate internally and externally with honesty and integrity to develop relationships based on trust while mindful of the confidentiality entrusted us.

  • Act as independent and objective investor-analysts when developing opinions and recommendations.
  • Promote life-long learning attitudes and continuous improvement efforts to refine and enhance our understanding and insights for financial markets and investment opportunities, always with a sense of humility and perspective.
  • Focus on performance in daily activities for ourselves, our team, and for the long-term prospects of the investment portfolio.
  • Engender professionalism as public servants and investment management professionals.

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