Personnel Reporting

Baseline Personnel Reporting Requirements (Compliance with these baseline requirements will be evaluated during the July 1, 2024 to June 30, 2025 Compliance Review and Evaluation Period)

What are the general personnel reporting requirements?
Personnel transactions are used by ERS to determine membership service and salary changes for employee’s retirement benefits ranging from death payments to pension calculations.  As a result, all personnel transactions for each employee, including but not limited to, appointments, terminations, leaves without pay and the subsequent returns, and pay changes must be submitted to ERS in a timely manner and in compliance with the requirements below.

The requirements for personnel reporting are as follows:

     1. Class Code Reporting (CCR)
         ERS provides employers with retirement class codes to be used by Personnel and Payroll staff. The
         retirement class codes provide the correct mandatory retirement contributions for new and
         returning employees.
         Employers shall:
              a. Submit all new and returning employees using ERS CCR via Axway (secured electronic
              b. Validate the ERS class code between Personnel and Payroll sections after processing to ensure
                  correct class code is applied to employee’s payroll deduction.

         Class Code Report Template

     2. Personnel Interface File (PIF)
         The PIF transmits all the personnel transactions electronically to the ERS.
         Employers shall submit a PIF in a 1500-character fixed length text file format. The PIF shall be a text
         file with each row/record comprising of 1500 characters exactly, no more, no less.

         Personnel Interface File Layout

     3. Data Fields in PIF
         The required data fields provide the personnel transactions required for our benefit calculations.
         Employers shall:
              a. Submit all required fields in proper format for:
                      I. Field length
                      II. Field content
              b. Populate a required field with a “default value” if Field is not applicable for your department.
              c. Validate data fields submitted to ensure accurate data is provided to ERS.
              d. Update employer’s action codes timely as it is mapped to the ERS factor tables.
              e. Remove all duplicate or incomplete personnel transactions from the PIF.
              f. Enter the day after the employee’s last day work as the “termination date”.

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