Retirement Planning

In planning for your retirement, the first step is for you to decide on a retirement date. To help with this decision, please use our Benefits Calculator to get estimated pension projection for your specific retirement date. Calculate as many different retirement date scenarios as you wish as no information is saved on our website. Also, you can check the Membership Information module for your membership date or years of service. Once you have decided on a retirement date and it falls within the first and last day to file your application, contact ERS on Oahu or any of our Neighbor Island offices. The ERS staff will assist you on the application filing process.

Please note that the ERS must prioritize all estimate requests as resources must address the upcoming retirement dates first. By using the Benefit Calculator, we can service our members who have filed their application to retire first.

All retirement workshops on Oahu and the neighbor islands have been cancelled until further notice. Refer to the Retirement Information handouts below for retirement preparation.

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Retirement Information

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