Members FAQs

Updated: 2021-11-09

Can I borrow upon or withdraw my Employees’ Retirement System contributions?

For contributory and hybrid, members cannot borrow on ERS contributions.

While employed in a position that requires ERS membership, contributions are mandatory by law and cannot be stopped or suspended. Withdrawal of accumulated contributions is only permitted through a refund either at the time of retirement or when the member is not employed in a position requiring ERS membership.

Noncontributory members do not make contributions toward their retirement.

Call the ERS for more information.

How do I know what plan I’m in?

If your employment began on or after July 1, 2006, you are a Hybrid plan member (unless you were employed in one of the following categories: Police, Fire, Certain Public Safety Officers, Judges, Elected and Legislative Officers).

If your employment began on or after July 1, 1984, You are a Noncontributory plan member (unless you were employed in one of the above shown categories or made an election to join the Hybrid Plan in 2006).

If your employment began prior to July 1, 1984, you are a Contributory plan member (unless you made an election to join the Noncontributory plan in 1984 or made an election to join the Hybrid plan in 2006).

See plan information here:

What are some of the proof-of-age document requirement changes during COVID-19?

During Gov. David Ige’s emergency proclamation for the COVID-19 pandemic, the Employees’ Retirement System (ERS) will accept copies of proof-of-age documents of members and beneficiaries. Previously only original documents were accepted.

Mailed documentation is the preferred method of submittal and delivery to accommodate social distancing requirements.

The ERS also added “Real ID” credentials (e.g., driver’s licenses with “Gold Star” emblems or state identification certificates) as primary proof documents to verify the birth dates of the member or beneficiary. If a primary proof document is not available, a birth registration card or a passport card may serve as 1 of 2 acceptable secondary proof documents.

Mailed forms requiring notarized signatures will still need to be notarized unless submitted in-office and authorized by an ERS employee. For more information, contact the ERS.

ERS Q&A regarding announced state employee furloughs

ERS Office-Visit Procedures: Visitors to Employees’ Retirement System offices must provide verification of being fully vaccinated or if not fully vaccinated, provide a negative COVID-19 test result (taken within 72 hours of the ERS office visit) as a condition of entry. Contact the ERS at 808-586-1735 or the office on your island before visiting. Click here to view the full message. Mahalo.