Termination and Retirement


For employees who terminate from State or County employment, employers must provide ERS with the following information:
          Personnel Action for termination with the Close of Business (COB) Date via the PIF reporting or
             paper for those employers who are not electronically reporting.
          Audited Unused Sick Leave Balance.

Prior to termination, please have your employee review the below ERS brochures in order to understand their benefits. In addition, the employee should contact ERS to discuss the options available to them.

          Brochures for Leaving Employment
          Contributory Plan
          Noncontributory Plan
          Hybrid Plan
          Police Officers, Firefighters and Certain Public Safety Officers

Deceased Employees

Employers are required to report the salary and vacation payments due and deduct the required contributions, as if the employee is still on payroll and employed through the last paid date. This will allow ERS to determine the retirement service credit, salaries earned by the employee, and receive the appropriate employer and, if applicable, employee contributions in timely.

Note, the employee’s pay and contributions must be reported to ERS even if the employee’s remaining salaries and vacation pay will be paid to another party.

To assist ERS in processing any potential death benefits to the employee’s beneficiary, please have them contact ERS. For more information regarding ERS’ death process, please refer to General Death Information.


ERS will send the employer a notification after we have received a filed retirement application by your employee.
Employers are required to provide to ERS the following regarding the retirement:
          Close of Business date (COB). Note the COB cannot be the retirement date or after.
          Personnel Action for the retirement via the PIF reporting or paper for those employers who are
             not electronically reporting.
          Audited Unused Sick Leave Balance within ninety days of an employees’ retirement.

For your employees who are interested in retiring, please have them review the Retirement Planning page, the appropriate brochure, and video below prior to terminating. If there are any questions, please refer them to contact ERS for more information.

          Brochures for Retirement
          Contributory Plan for General Employees
          Hybrid Plan
          Noncontributory Plan
          Elective and Legislative Officers
          Police Officers, Firefighters and Designated Categories

          Videos for Retirement
          Noncontributory Plan Retirement Benefits
          Hybrid Plan Retirement Benefits
          Contributory Plan Retirement Benefits (Police Officers, Firefighters and Designated Categories)

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