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Hawaii Domestic Relations Orders

Welcome to the information page for the Employees’ Retirement System’s Hawaii Domestic Relations Orders (HiDRO). The links below are intended to help members, former members, retirees, spouses, and ex-spouses who are considering submitting a court-filed HiDRO model form for qualification by the ERS.

The Hawaii Domestic Relations Orders or HiDRO law, Hawaii Revised Statutes §88-93.5 Distribution of property in a divorce action, effective July 1, 2020, allows the ERS to make direct payments of all or part of an ERS retirement benefit to an alternate payee (spouse or former spouse). The HiDRO is a domestic relations order that has been entered or domesticated by a Hawaii court, and qualified by the ERS.

We encourage interested parties to read the information below and contact the ERS if there are further questions. The ERS can provide information about the benefits plan and procedures, but it cannot provide legal advice. It should not be relied on as a determination of any legal issues under state law. You should consult an attorney to protect your interest in ERS benefits and determine your legal rights under state law.

Please ensure that the current version of the HiDRO model form (ERS-300 or ERS-301) is being used to prevent rejection of your submission. The ERS will reject the submission of a prior version of the HiDRO model form if submitted more than 9 months after the date a superseding (current) HiDRO model form has been approved by the ERS Board of Trustees.

For questions, contact the ERS: ers.ehawaii.gov/resources/contact-us.

HiDRO Guide

HiDRO Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-Retirement Model Form (ERS-300), Instructions, and Request to Review Form (ERS-302)

Post-Retirement Model Form (ERS-301), Instructions, and Request to Review Form (ERS-302)

HiDRO Request for Review Form (ERS-302)

HiDRO Request for Information (ERS-303)

All HiDRO Documents above combined (Guide, FAQ, Pre- and Post-Retirement Model Forms, Request for Information)

HiDRO Overview (PowerPoint) Updated 6-8-2022

Hawaii Revised Statutes Chapter 88-93.5

Hawaii Administrative Rules, Chapter 6-40

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