ERS Membership

All employers must determine their employee’s eligibility for ERS membership based on their position. Once determined, you will provide the employee’s ERS group code on the Class Code Report (CCR) to obtain the ERS class code. The ERS class code is used for the purpose of deduction of the mandatory retirement contributions from the employee’s pay. Employers must ensure that both your Personnel and Payroll sections are using the same ERS retirement group and class codes. 

Timely and accurate enrollment of the employee assists ERS in the crediting of service and calculation of the Average Final Compensation (AFC) for their retirement pension.

Enrollment Process

Once you have received your employee’s retirement class code from ERS, complete the below forms and submit them to ERS for processing within 30 days. Note, for those employers who are not electronically reporting your personnel transactions, you must submit the applicable Personnel Action form(s) to ERS.  

               (Please print ERS Form 1-A on GOLDEN ROD or YELLOW paper)

Provide your employees with the applicable brochure below which contains information on the Employees’ Retirement System.

Brochures for New Employees (Your Employees’ Retirement System)

For those employees who are not eligible for ERS membership, use the tables below to determine the appropriate retirement group and class codes.

Retirement Group and Class Codes Tables

ERS Retirees Returning to Work

Enrollment of an ERS retiree into an ERS eligible position will require the employer to notify ERS prior to the retiree’s start date in order to suspend the retiree’s pension. For more information regarding a retiree returning to work, refer to the Retirant Return to Work Chart.

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